‘Kazakhstan Paramount Engineering’ LLP CEO Sadimov E.I.

Dear Arstan Maulenovich, on behalf of our factory to I express gratitude to you for provided highly qualified staff in the framework of the signed Memorandum, in the face of Klassin A.E. and Sabinin M.D. and I address with the following request:
In September 2016, Klassin A.E. and Sabinin M.D. became scholarship owners to study in Karaganda State University on educational program ‘Innovative technologies of welding production in the mining industry’. I would like to mention that these workers have shown themselves as professionals with a high level of theoretical knowledge and practical skills.
Currently, our factory is engaged in manufacturing of military wheeled vehicles ‘Arlan”’ and we perform an urgent order of the Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Kazakhstan. In connection with the production necessity, I ask you to consider the possibility to compile an individual schedule of classes on master course, 6М070200 specialty ‘Automation and control’, ‘Welding and foundry (W and F)’ Department in relation of Klassin A.E. and Sabinin M.D.


Dear Mr.Gazaliyev,

The International Biographical Centre was closely associated with both Cambridge and the most famous place of science education and research, University of Cambridge for more than forty years. In the past, IBC provided sponsorship to the city and carried out a number of international conferences and forums in colleges of the University of Cambridge. These bonds will continue until the foreseeable future.

In order to herald this long and valuable union, I, as the Director of IBC, decided to give CAMBRIDGE CERTIFICATE for outstanding scientific achievements.

Scientists around the world who deserve it, could receive the certificate. Perhaps, the certificate will be awarded only 1000 scientists from scientific-theoretical communities and industrial societies, whose names have appeared in the titles of international publications, published by IBC.

CONGRATULATIONS! I have carefully read your brief biographical sketch and I am glad to mark out your name, as an outstanding scientist and a worthy recipient of the CAMBRIDGE CERTIFICATE. I know that you were singled out for particular praise from many organizations for your achievements, but I can assure you, Mr.Gazaliyev that this new award will differ from others by its importance and value. I urge you to consider this proposal. It is not awarded improvidently and is given to you for your obvious participation in the international scientific community. Continue reading CAMBRIDGE CERTIFICATE